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"අධ්‍යාපනය යාවජීව මෙන් ම යාවනිබ්බාන ක්‍රියාවලියකි!"
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Sankeerna Vakya Vishleshana Huruva - සංකීර්ණ වාක්‍ය විශ්ලේෂණ හුරුව - Master Analysing - Complex Sentence.

[මෙම පාඩම පසුව සිංහලට පරිවර්තනය කර, පළ කරනු ඇත!]
{This Lesson would be translated into Sinhalese & published later!}

Analyse the following Complex Sentences.

1. I have not been to Nasik since we met there in

2. As long as you arc a student you must submit to school discipline.

3. Wherever there are potatoes the rats will try to get at them.

4. He was afraid that he would miss the train.

5. She is always complaining that her sight is weak.

6. It is not fair that you should be so unkind to your little brother.

7. Since you have insisted on my presiding, I can only do my best.

8. That was the time when there were no aeroplanes.

9. This is one of the really good books that have been published in the twentieth century.

10. Don’t lend him your watch, lest it gets lost.

11. Now you have graduated, the next thing is to find a congenial post.

12. We know very well in our hearts that pluck and courage are the great virtues, and that cowardice is the fundamental sin.

13. I remember the time when I used to come in hungry and kneel down beside my mother with my head in her lap, crying because I had not got her anything to eat, as we had no money in the house to buy anything with.

14. Winston Churchill has told us that the speech that gained him his greatest reputation as an impromptu speaker was one written out six times with his own hand.

15. Prof. A. M. Low, that brilliant young inventor, once said to me that in a few hundred years an umbrella will seem as absurd to our descendants as witch-burning seems today.

16. One of the elephants had evidently got wind of me, for it came crashing’ forward to the very tree up which I was.

17. On the few occasions when my brother loft the farm, with its two thousand head of cattle and fourteen thousand sheep, I undertook to superintend the work.

18. Often towards evening I would stroll across to a high flat rock a few hundred yards from my cottage to look at that wonderful range of hills, more than twice the height of any that could be found in my own country.

19. After I had finished eating I went to a small spring near by, to drink and bathe my hair and beard in its coolness.

20. From the sciences of the earth man has profited enormously, for they have led him to stores of coal and iron and other buried treasures.

21. For a while I accompanied him on his way, for I had a keen desire to hear him say something more in that pleasant, powerful voice of his; but though he stepped past the gravestones with strides as careful and regular as those of a soldier on parade, he failed again to break silence.

22. Never conceal things, since every life ought to be set in the light, and can be, for every man is a workman for the world at large.

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