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විරාම ලක්ෂණ හා ලොකු අකුරු මත විභාගයක් - 228

"අධ්‍යාපනය යාවජීව මෙන් ම යාවනිබ්බාන ක්‍රියාවලියකි!"
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Wirama Lakshana Saha Loku Akuru Matha Wibhagayak - විරාම ලක්ෂණ හා ලොකු අකුරු මත විභාගයක් - A Test on Punctuation and Capitals. 

[මෙම පාඩම පසුව සිංහලට පරිවර්තනය කර, පළ කරනු ඇත!] 
{This Lesson would be translated into Sinhalese & published later!}

Write out the following passages with correct Punctuation, putting Capitals where necessary.

Ex. I have been in this room a long time he said’ looking for the book you told me about.

Ex. Now said the other girl that is the way you have to go and you must be quick.

Ex. Who are you he cried starting up and what are you doing here how dare you talk to me in that way was the answer.

Ex. An old man with a long white beard came into the room do you know who I am he asked looking at arthur no sir arthur answered i am the old year the old’ man said and I have come to say goodbye to you.

Ex. Why are things so disagreeable she said at last I wish I knew of somebody who could make things go better you will never find such a person as long as you sit and feel sorry for yourself said a voice who are you said margaret.

Ex. Mary said mother as she sat down to tea how often have I told you not to throw your coat and hat down here oh I forgot said mary as she helped herself to bread and butter.

Ex. One game we played at the party said gerald was quite new what was that asked father looking up from his paper it was called playing the fool surely it wasn’t new to either of you said father gravely both the boys laughed.

Ex. The giants were frightened did you sleep well they asked him yes thank you replied the tailor I never slept better did nothing disturb you all the night asked' the giants yes he said I did feel something but it was only a moth flying against the bedclothes.

Ex. Please would you tell me said alice a little timidly why your cat grins like that it's a cheshire cat said the duchess and that’s why I didn’t know that cheshire cats always grinned in fact i didn’t know that cats could grin they all can said the duchess and most of them do.

Ex. There was once a boy whose father said to him you must go to the village early tomorrow morning having heard this without asking his father what he was to do the boy went off to the village and returned in the evening tired out he said to his father father I have been to the village yes but you went without asking me what you had to do answered his father.

[Watch in 4K — Recommended Resolution.]

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[Watch in 4K — Recommended Resolution.]

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